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Wurlitzer 850 and 750 Jukebox Restorations


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Grand America Jukebox Restores, Services, Buys and Sells Wurlitzer, Rock-ola and Seeburg Jukeboxes as well as many other name brands

Grand America Jukebox is a restoration and repair company

Grand America Jukebox will repair or service your jukebox in the St Louis Missouri and surrounding Illinois areas

Grand America Jukebox Sells the Nostagic Line of New Rock-ola Jukeboxes

Jukeboxes are a wonderful part of nostalgic Americana.  Can you even picture a soda shop without one? But they can also create fabulous NEW memories when they are restored and functioning in your home

In years past, Jukeboxes promoted music sales as much as the radio, from records on 78 rpm to 45 rpm and now CD's. Jukeboxes add antique beauty in your home, are a wonderful conversation piece, and provide a great source of musical entertainment for friends and family, including your children

Grand America Jukebox gets numerous requests from individuals who are looking for a way to display and listen to the large collection of music they have accumulated over time, what better way than a Jukebox?  We also get many requests for restorations on Jukeboxes that are family heirlooms. Perhaps you had a Jukebox in your basement growing up and want to remember all those good times and pass them along. No matter where you have acquired your Jukebox, Grand America Jukebox can help you

Each jukebox is individually restored by hand 


 St Louis In Home Jukebox Repair

Please have the following information gathered before you call:

  • Description of your item ( example: Jukebox, Pinball, Soda Machine, etc. )
  • Manufacturer of your item ( Name brand, who made it? Manufacture can be found on a metal tag located on the back of your jukebox )
  • Model number or Exact Name of your item ( Model number can be found on a metal tag on the back or side of your item. Contact us for further assistance )
  • Description of problem
  • Any paperwork, manuals, or schematics are also very helpful


We Buy, Sell and Service the following :

  • Wurlitzer Jukebox Repair : Authorized technician, Wurlitzer Vinyl Jukebox repair, Wurlitzer CD Jukebox repair and 78 or 45 rpm Jukeboxes made from 1938 to 1959 (model 500 thru 1100 and model 1700 thru 2300)
  • Rock-ola Jukebox Repair : Authorized technician, Antique Apparatus Rock-ola Vinyl Jukebox Repair (Most 1940's Models, And Late 1950's Models 1448 - Model 1493), Antique Apparatus Rock-ola CD Jukebox Repair (Jukeboxes with the Black, Red, Orange or Yellow Amplifiers only) and 78 or 45 rpm Rock-ola Jukeboxes, Sorry, we do not work on any 404 - 494 series Rock-ola 45 rpm jukeboxes or Rock-ola CD jukeboxes with a Silver Amplifier
  • Antique Apparatus Jukebox Repair : Authorized technician on All models 
  • Seeburg Jukebox Repair : Jukeboxes made from 1951 to 1959 (model M100B up to model 222)
  • AMI / ROWE Jukebox Repair : Rowe CD Jukebox Repair and Rowe 45 rpm Jukebox Repair made from 1980 to 2002 (model R-84 to model CD100K Starglo)
  • NSM Jukeboxes : Sorry, we do not service any NSM Jukeboxes

We are a Service and Repair business

We ONLY sell parts if we are installing them


Jukebox Restorations

 A typical jukebox restoration consists of:
  • All metal castings are chrome plated
  • Cabinets are re-veneered and refinished
  • All electronics are rebuilt
  • All wiring is replaced
  • Every piece is disassembled and restored
  • A full jukebox restoration can take 6 months or more
  • We can restore the entire jukebox or just a portion if you wish
  • Does anyone still make records? Records are still made brand new. There are many sites including e-Bay to get "Packages" or "Box sets" of 78 or 45 rpm records. These usually come with the printed title strips just for jukeboxes. CD packages are available as well
  • We offer pick up and delivery service via enclosed trailer within the greater St Louis, MO areas or you can ship to us

FREE photos of your jukebox restoration!

  • We provide FREE digital photos during your jukebox restoration showing the entire restoration of your jukebox

All Grand America Jukebox technicians' carry a degree in Electronics Engineering. We rebuild tube type amplifiers and receivers for jukeboxes in our shop, by hand


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( All photos are for reference ONLY, these jukeboxes are not for sale )

Before and After photos

1946 Wurlitzer 1015 Restoration

Before                                                     After

1015BeforeLeftResize.jpg     1015LeftAfterResize.JPG

DON'T through it away! We CAN restore it! This is a 1946 Wurlitzer 1015 Bubbler showing years of neglect. After 6 months in our shop it is better than new! Many reproduction parts are available. We perform many Wurlitzer jukebox restorations

1949 Wurlitzer 1100 Restoration

Before                                                         After


resize01465.JPG     resize01751.JPG

This 1949 Wurlitzer 1100 jukebox sat in a basement in-operable for years. We replaced the entire lighting circuit, all the plastic, re-chromed the metal, replaced the wood veneer, finished the cabinet, rebuilt the mechanism and the electronics. This is a classic jukebox restoration



Jukebox Mechanism Restoration 


Jukebox mechanisms not having worked for years, may require extensive disassembly, cleaning, machining, plating and/or parts

resize01469.JPG  resize01596.JPG  resize01598.JPG

  • All jukebox mechanisms are completely disassembled by hand 
  • All metal parts are yellow zinc plated
  • All castings are chemically cleaned
  • We install new bearings even in areas the factory did not


resize01597.JPG  resize01601.JPG  resize01605.JPG

  • Assembly of the mechanism begins
  • Mechanism boards are refinished or replaced
  • Visible parts (like tone arm post and records tray parts) are re-chromed
  • We re-flock the turntable
  • A new cartridge is installed
  • Pre 1949 mechanisms get a light weight tone arm conversion



After decals are installed the Wurlitzer Jukebox mechanism is ready for many years of use




Jukebox Cabinet Restoration

Rockola Jukebox Restoration


Jukebox cabinets are completely stripped


resize01463.JPG  resize01642.JPG  resize01646.JPG

Grand America Jukebox has tackled some of the most difficult problems with jukebox cabinets! Problem areas are cut out and replaced with solid wood, then the edges are tapered with filler and sanded to a smooth finish by hand


resize01652.JPG     resize01747.JPG

New hard wood veneer is applied by hand and molded to the cabinet making sure all edges are straight and solid. We then hand sand, stain and clear coat the outside of the cabinet. We paint the inside and back doors to the original factory colors


    1100Cabinet122resize.jpg  1100Cabinet222resize.jpg

Sometimes, the jukebox cabinets need much more. Just the base and top are all that was left of this Wurlitzer 1100 cabinet. We used the original wood as a template to make new sides. We repaired the base and refinished it


1100Cabinet33resize.jpg  1100Cabinet4resize.jpg  1100Cabinet5resize.jpg

We assembled the new sides and the original back then installed the original top to this Wurlitzer 1100. We applied new Walnut veneer and the cabinet is now ready for the paint booth.  Having been made much more structurally sound



Manufacturing Parts



resize01141.JPG  resize01312.JPG

In most cases Grand America Jukebox can re-engineer parts that may not be reproduced any longer. Previously, the buttons and marquee for this jukebox were nonexistent. Therefore, Grand America Jukebox manufactured the items



Jukebox Amplifier Restoration



Grand America Jukebox completely rebuilds jukebox amplifiers. A complete jukebox amplifier rebuild includes all new capacitors. On 1930's and 40's jukeboxes, the metal frame is repainted and correctly decaled



Jukebox Final Assembly



The jukebox interior is reassembled and detailed. All wiring is clamped. Final adjustments are made and new lights are installed


1948 Rock-ola 1428 Jukebox Restoration

Before                                              After

1428InsideBeforeresize.jpg     1428InsideAfterresize.jpg



Final Testing



A completely restored Wurlitzer 1100 jukebox ready for extensive testing. We test a jukebox after a restoration for many days. We test every selection, every button, run the volume up and down. We test with many different records to ensure the mechanism will work no matter what. We look for any small problems and make appropriate adjustments



Final Operations



We bubble wrap your jukebox, build a custom crate for it, then ship it to you


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Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com

For Service!


More Before And After Photos

 Wurlitzer Jukebox Restoration 




1939 Wurlitzer 600 Jukebox Restoration 

Before                                                     After

 BeforeLeftResize.jpg        AfterLeftResize.jpg

This Wurlitzer 600 jukebox was a complete restoration. The wood cabinet was stripped, repaired and re-veneered with Walnut. On Pre 1942 Wurlitzer models we are able to clean and polish the original pilaster plastics. Yes, the red, yellow and green plastics are the originals just polished. The Wurlitzer marquee, selection number and coin plastics are all brand new. We re-chromed all the castings, rebuilt the amplifier, restored the mechanism and detailed the entire machine. We have restored many Wurlitzer 600's



Before                                                          After

BeforeBackResize.jpg         AfterBackResize.jpg

Interior of the Wurlitzer 600. After we disassemble the jukebox, we sand and repaint the inside. We then begin work on the individual interior parts like brackets and claps. We then rewire the junction box and the lighting in the cabinet



Before                                                            After

BeforeRightResize.jpg          AfterRightResize.jpg

The base of this Wurlitzer 600 jukebox was missing a chunk of wood which we repaired. This particular jukebox was also missing the front door.  We built a new front door and repaired the base for our customer. You can really see the new Walnut veneer in the photo

We can fully restore your Wurlitzer model 600 or for est

Or, we can partially restore your W-600 for around est

Wurlitzer model 500 would be the same pricing


1941 Wurlitzer 750 Jukebox Restoration

Before                                                         After 

      BeforeFrontResize.jpg           W750FAfter.JPG

This Wurlitzer 750 jukebox was a full restoration. Sometimes the original plastics are missing or cracked. For this Wurlitzer 750 jukebox, we had to replace all the plastics with brand new reproduction plastics and bubble tubes. We rebuilt the amplifier and restored the mechanism



Before                                                        After 

  BeforeLowerFrontResize.jpg      750DoorAfterResize.JPG


We stripped this Wurlitzer 750 jukebox, repaired the cabinet, hand painted a burled wood finish on the front door frame and covered the rest of the cabinet in Walnut veneer




 750RightBeforeResize.jpg   750TopBeforeResize.jpg



The side cabinet of the Wurlitzer 750. You can really see how the new veneer and metal side trim enhance a jukebox cabinet

We can fully restore your Wurlitzer model 750 for est



1941 Wurlitzer 850 Peacock Jukebox Restoration 

Before                                                          After

       850RightBefore1resize.jpg            W850FRAfter.JPG

This Wurlitzer 850 jukebox arrived in our shop as a very nice original but it was missing some major parts which we located for our customer



Before                                                               After 

   850LeftBefore1resize.jpg            resize01148.JPG

This vintage jukebox restoration is now complete and can provide years of play




 850MechBefore1resize.jpg     resize0804.JPG

We completely restored the Wurlitzer 850 Peacock mechanism. All castings were re-chromed, the mechanism board was refinished, the turntable re-flocked, new bearings installed, metal parts were zinc plated, and everything rewired. The surrounding mechanism area was restored as well. New Peacock back door mural, side trim and plastic dome diffuser

We can fully restore your Wurlitzer model 850 for est



 1946 Wurlitzer 1015 Bubber Restoration 

Before                                                     After 

 1015BeforeRightResize.jpg     1015RightAfterResize.JPG

This Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox really shows what we are capable of.  Almost any old jukebox can be restored. In fact, we have had some jukeboxes arrive to our shop in pieces and multiple boxes. This Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox underwent a full restoration. Every bit of the cabinet was taken apart and repaired, then re-veneered with Walnut veneer. New mirrors were in-laid into the side of the cabinet for a flush look. All new plastics and bubble tubes were installed. All the castings were re-chromed


Before                                                    After 

1015Open1Resize.jpg    resize1216.JPG

You can see here, the speaker fell off the door. This Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox was in rough shape! After rebuilding the cabinet, we installed new color wheels, animation motors, light bulbs and grill cloth



  We repainted, decaled and rebuilt the amplifier, then added new tubes and wiring.  You can see here the speaker re-attached with new speaker bushings. All the metal parts on the interior have been sandblasted and repainted. Everything is highly detailed


The Wurlitzer 1015 mechanism before




  We restored the Wurlitzer 1015 mechanism, chromed the record trays, re-flocked the turntable, refinished the wood mechanism board, zinc plated the metal parts and installed new bearings. We restored the surrounding mechanism areas as well. We installed a new back door mural, gold cabinet foil and new plastic dome diffuser


Before                                                    After

 1015Back1resize.jpg    resize01220.JPG

Here, you can see how rough the Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox cabinet was. The back and side cabinet had veneer pealing up or was just missing in some areas. After repairing the jukebox cabinet we re-veneered it and repainted the back. We in-laid new mirrors in the side veneer so you are left with a nice flush finish


The final product


Probably the most popular jukebox of all, the Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox after one of our complete restorations

We can fully restore your Wurlitzer model 1015 for $13,000.00 est

Or, we can partially restore your W-1015 for $3500.00 est



Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com

For Service!


Rock-ola Jukebox Restoration



1939 Rock-ola 39 Master Restoration

Before                                                       After

resize01139.JPG     resize01314.JPG

This Rock-ola 39 jukebox arrived in our shop as a pretty nice original to start with, even though it had sat neglected for many years. We completely restored it. We polished the original plastics, replace the wood veneer, refinish the cabinet, rebuild the mechanism and all electronics, and replace all wiring and lights. The original buttons were missing so we manufactured them



1948 Rock-ola 1428 Jukebox Restoration 

Before                                                  After  

1428BeforeLeftFrontresize.jpg     1428FrontAfterresize.jpg

 Many people believe the Rock-ola 1428 to be a Rock-ola version of the Wurlitzer model 1015. This Rockola 1428 jukebox was a fairly nice original to start with, however it was missing some parts. Most of the missing parts have been reproduced. We completely restored this jukebox. All new plastics, grill cloth, color wheel, animation motor and light bulbs. All the castings were re-chromed



1428FrontLeftAfterresize.jpg     1428FrontRightAfterresize.jpg

 Here you can see the extent of our cabinet refinishing. The cabinet on the Rock-ola 1428 is unique, in that it is not veneered like the Wurlitzer jukeboxes. The front door and mechanism board are metal. Only the side cabinet and back are made of wood. The factory finshed the cabinet in a decal that resembles a wood finsh, but these decals scratch and damage very easily. To restore the Rockola 1428 jukebox, we paint the entire cabinet to look like wood, resembling the original factory finish, but having much more durability. Yes, take a good look, that is all hand painted to look like wood


Before                                                After 

1428InsideBeforeresize.jpg     1428InsideAfterresize.jpg

Inside the Rock-ola 1428 jukebox before and after. The speaker, cash box, back door and a mechanism selector cover were missing. We replaced the cash box, back door, and mechanism cover with reproductions. We located an original speaker and had it re-coned. We rebuilt the mechanism and the amplifier. We replaced the jeweled back drop with a reproduction that was an exact copy of the original. You can see here how much detail work goes into one of our restorations




 The front glass was missing and the original plastics were cracked beyond repair. The NEW front glass has the original frosted pattern etched in it

We can fully restore your Rock-ola model 1428 for $12,000.00 est



1960 Rock-ola 1478 / 1485 Jukebox Restoration 

Before                                                      After 

1485LeftBeforeresize.jpg     1485RightAfterresize.jpg

This Rock-ola 1485 jukebox arrived in our shop missing the entire front glass dome. We quickly located an original from a similar model, and had it shipped to us for the "Before" photo


Rock-ola 1485 front view 

The Rock-ola Tempo II Jukebox after one of our complete restorations

Rock-ola 1485 left view  Rock-ola 1485 left view


Rock-ola 1485 mechanism view

The 1960 Rock-ola Tempo II Jukebox is a great marriage of technology and vintage appeal.  It featured Stereo sound (having just been introduced a year earlier.)  And it still featured a viewable playing mechanism (something that disappeared just a couple of years after this model.)

The best of both worlds

We can fully restore your Rock-ola 1478 / 1485 jukeboxes for $10,000.00 est

Or, we can tune up your Rock-ola 1478 / 1485 for $3500.00 est


Seeburg Jukebox Restoration



1951 Seeburg B Jukebox Restoration 

Before                                                After

BBefore1resize.jpg     BAfter1resize.jpg

Most 1950's Seeburg jukeboxes originally had a decal applied to the cabinet that resembled a wood finish. The original decal damages very easily so these jukebox cabinets are often found painted over. We cover the entire jukebox cabinet with wood veneer. This will show the original beauty and provide much more durability than the factory finish. We covered this Seeburg B jukebox with tiger strip teak wood veneer



 A Seeburg B jukebox after one of our complete restorations. The 45 rpm record was introduced in 1950. This Seeburg Select-o-matic B jukebox was the first Seeburg model to play 45rpm records. Note the 45 rpm decals on the glass dome

We can fully restore your Seeburg model B for $10,000.00 est

Or, we can partially restore your Seeburg B for around $3500.00 est



1952 Seeburg C Restoration 

Before photos of two different Seeburg C Jukeboxes 

SeeCBefore2resize.jpg     SeeCBeforeresize.jpg

 One Seeburg C jukebox arrived in our shop with someone's "Do it yourself" restoration and another Seeburg C jukebox arrived pretty much original. In both cases we performed complete restorations



A Seeburg C select-o-matic jukebox after one of our complete restorations. We hand painted the complete cabinet to resemble the original wood finish

We can fully restore your Seeburg model C for $10,000.00 est

Or, we can partially restore your Seeburg C for $3500.00 est




Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com

FOR Service!

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