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Vintage Soda Machine

Restoration, Sales and In-Home Service


Let Grand America Jukebox Restore Your Vintage Coca Cola Machine

Coca Cola Vendo 81D we restored for our client          Coca Cola Cavalier 72 we restored for our client

Coca Cola Vendo model 81D and Cavalier model 72 we restored for our clients


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Vendo History & Serial Numbers 

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Coke or Pepsi VMC 27 / VMC 33

Coke V-39   Coke V-56   Coke V-81   Pepsi VMC-81   Coke V-83   Coke V-110 or 6-CV

Coke C-72 or C-96   Coke WD or WH-12   Glasco or Ideal Slider

Coke or Pepsi 56 Square Corner         Coke V-63


Updated 6-2-2014

Grand America Jukebox performes

Vintage Soda Machine Restoration

Vintage Soda Machine Repair

Vintage Soda Machine Rentals

Vintage Soda Machine Sales

Grand America Jukebox is a restoration and repair service company

Grand America Jukebox can perform a Coke / Coca-Cola or Pepsi Machine restoration for you!

Whether you are looking for that vintage decor or just wanting a functioning conversation piece, having a Vintage Soda Pop Machine in your home will satisfy everyone. It's a thrill to drop a coin in and have your favorite beverage vend out. Soda machines can be filled with many different types of beverages: soda, juice, water, beer and others. Most bottle soda machines will vend more than one selection and can be adjusted to vend different diameter and lengths of glass bottles. We can convert some bottle soda machines to vend 12 oz cans or the new Mexican 12 oz Coke bottles as well


Restoration or Partial Restoration?

A Typical Soda Machine Restoration Consists Of:

  • New insulation
  • Gaskets
  • Door liner
  • Decals
  • Plastic as well as glass windows
  • Leg levelers
  • Fan motor(s)
  • Thermostat
  • ALL NEW wiring
  • If possible, the original compressor is restored for re-use or we retrofit old soda machines with new compressors and assemblies for YEARS of continued use
  • All metal castings are chrome plated
  • Every piece is disassembled and restored
  • Cabinets are stripped or beadblasted
  • Body work is performed
  • Automitive quality paint finishes are applied
  • A full soda machine restoration can take 2 + months
  • We can restore your entire soda machine or just a portion if you wish
  • Can you get bottled soda? Bottled soda is available in many different flavors including the major name brands. There are many different places to get them as well. Contact us for more information.
  • We can pick up your soda machine in our enclosed trailer. You can always drop off your soda machine here in St Louis, MO. Or you can ship it to us

FREE photos of your soda machine restoration!

  • We provide FREE digital photos during your soda machine restoration showing the entire restoration process.  

All Grand America Jukebox soda machine technician's carry a degree in Air Conditioning / Refrigeration as well as a Refrigerant Usage Certification through RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) as required by law

A Typical Partial Restoration Consists Of:

  • We clean your machine, inside and out
  • Replace most if not all gaskets
  • Replace leg levelers
  • Clean your compressor (as long at it passes our bench test)
  • Replace fan motors, thermostat and power cord
  • We go through the vending mechanism
  • We will clean your original paint, buff and wax if possible




We Restore and Service the following Vintage Bottle Soda Machines :

  • Vendo Coca Cola Machine Repair and Restoration
  • Vendorlator Pepsi Machine VMC Repair and Restoration 
  • Cavalier Coca Cola Machine Repair and Restoration
  • Ideal slider Repair and Restoration
  • Westinghouse Coca Cola Machine Repair and Restoration
  • Glasco Coca Cola Machine Repair 

We are a service and repair business

We will ONLY sell parts if we are installing them

We DO NOT work on Push Button Can Machines 

If you have a Soda Machine that vends Cans or Plastic Bottles and are in need of service

please click this link

Soda, Candy, & Snack Vending Machines

and speak with Andy Hayes of American Vending Machines. They restore and service Soda Machines manufactured within the last 15 years

Please have the following information gathered before you call us:


  • Description of your item ( example: Coke machine, Pepsi machine, etc. )
  • Manufacturer of your item ( Name brand, who made it? Vendo, VMC, etc. )
  • Model number of your soda machine ( Manufacturer and model number can be found on a metal tag on the back or side of your soda machine. Contact us for further assistance. )
  • Description of your problem

 Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com



Here are some samples of the work Grand America Jukebox has accomplished

VMC 81 Pepsi machine restoration

Before                                                      After

resize00889.JPG      resize01202.JPG

1950's Vintage Vendorlator Pepsi 81 soda machine, before and after. In many cases the owners ask us for a "Two Tone" paint scheme. Changing a few things makes the soda machine stand out far more than the factory paint scheme


Coin Mechanism Restoration


Before                                                        After

resize00871.JPG        Resize1199.JPG

The coin mechanism area of the Vendorlator 81 before and after. Grand America Jukebox disassembles each part by hand. The coin mechanisms are yellow zinc plated. Everything in the soda machine looks and works much better then the factory assembly


Pepsi 81 Restoration





resize01195.JPG   resize01193.JPG

Inside and out, Grand America Jukebox details each vintage soda machine thoroughly.  All pieces are media blasted and refinished by hand

We can fully restore your V-81 starting at $6695.00 est

Or, we can partially restore your V-81 starting at $2595.00 est 

 Coca Cola machine restoration

Vendo 39

Before                                                    After

resize01315.JPG        resize01386.JPG

Vendo 39 restoration before and after. This V-39 had been in a house fire. Grand America Jukebox completely disassembled, media blasted, performed body work and applied a two-tone automotive quality paint finish. Coke and Coca-Cola soda machine restorations are our specialty


Vendo Coke Machine Restoration




During                                                     After

resize01357.JPG        resize01389.JPG

Inside of the Vendo Coke 39 soda machine after the fire, after media blasting and after a Grand America Jukebox restoration. The original compressor was in pretty bad shape, having been repaired many times. Grand America Jukebox customized a complete NEW refrigeration assembly

And now, we can set up your Coca Cola Vendo 39 soda machine to vend the new 12 oz Mexican Coke bottles as well

We can fully restore your V-39 starting at est

Or, we can partially restore your V-39 starting at est



Final Operations



  • Each Soda Machine is Extensively Tested
  • Each Soda Machine is Bubble Wrap packaged
  • Each Soda Machine is Custom Crated and Shipped to you

Westinghouse Coke Machine Restoration


Grand America Jukebox also restores and repairs Coke / Coca Cola chest soda machines as well. Pictured is a Coca-Cola Westinghouse WD-12 soda machine we restored. Chest soda machines are very versatile, having no actual vend mechanism, just a large open area. They can hold beverages as well as food. They also remain cold longer than an upright soda machine. For the WD-12 Coca Cola Machine pictured, we performed a full restoration, added two-tone paint and a NEW cooling system


Westinghouse WD-12 before

A very rough, original Westinghouse WD-12 Coke 2 lid chest box. We chose to add two tone paint for a newer, fresher look


Westinghouse WD-12 restored


Before                                        After

WD-12 right side before     WD-12 right side after

The Westinghouse WD-12 Coca Cola machine came in solid red with red lids as did the next series Westinghouse built, the WH-12. Later, in 1956 they added two-tone paint with a stainless steel lid in the front to the WH-12. We simply added the two-tone paint



WD-12 inside lid before


WD-12 inside lid after

Brand new plastic lid liners and all new gaskets



Inside liner before     Inside with no liner

Empty cabinet ready for body work     After paint and a new cabinet bottom

After new insulation and wood supports     Inside after


Backside before

Unrestored backside

This Westinghouse WD-12 was rough! It sat outside for many years unused and neglected

Compressor area restored

After a full restoration and a new cooling assembly, the WD-12 is ready for many years of service


New compressor cover metal

The back cover was missing. We made a pattern and cut it out with a water jet machine


Backside with new cover

We bent and fit the new cover, then welded it together


Backside fully restored

After paint, we have a nice, removable back cover. The WD-12 has the cooling lines run up the back, left side of the machine as pictured. The next series Westinghouse made was the WH-12 which had a different cooling system. So, the lines ran up the center of the back and it had two "Drink Coca-Cola" signs

Full restoration of your WD-12 / WH-12 starting at est



Grand America Jukebox can also convert chest soda machines into "Coca-Cola Soda Bars" 

Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com

( Photos are for reference ONLY, these machines are not for sale )

More Before and After Photos


Coke Vendo 56 Restoration

Before                                                      After

Coke56Beforeresize.jpg          Coke56Afterresize.jpg

Late 1950's Coca Cola Vendo 56 before and after.  This V-56 Coca Cola machine arrived in very rough shape, after our Vendo 56 restoration it is better than when it left the factory

We can fully restore your V-56 starting at est

Or, partially restore your V-56 starting at est




Coca-Cola Vendo 110 Restoration


Before                                                   After

6CVBeforeresize.jpg          6CVAfterresize.JPG

This Coke Vendo 110 soda machine was a nice, untouched original. This V-110 arrived to our shop as a pretty solid candidate for a restoration. It was missing the shelves inside which we located for our customer. After our Vendo 110 restoration it is better than when it left the factory. The model V-110 is the same basic machine as a Vendo 6-CV except for the coin mechanism


V-110 restored coin mechanism

The Coca Cola Vendo 110 coin mechanism area after our full restoration. We yellow zinc plated the coin mechansim, chrome plated the handle, replaced the cap catcher with a new stainless steel one and detailed everything


V-110 restored inside

Inside the Coca Cola Vendo 110 after our full restoration


V-110 restored compressor

We were able to restore the original compressor in this Coca Cola Vendo 110. New fan motors, thermostat and all new wiring will make this V-110 last for many years to come

We can fully restore your V-110 or 6-CV starting at est

Or, partially restore your V-110 or 6-CV starting at est


 Coca-Cola Vendo 83 Restoration



One completely restored Vendo Coke 83 soda machine on the left and another V-83 having just arrived in our shop for a restoration

We can fully restore your V-83 starting at est

Or, partially restore your V-83 starting at est 




 Coca-Cola Cavalier 96 Restoration


Before                                        After

Coke-96Beforeresize.jpg          Coke96Afterresize.jpg

This Cavalier 96 Coke machine arrived to our shop in very rough shape boasting a 70's paint scheme. This CS-96 had survived a fire and then suffered heavy rusting, major dents, a wasp nest and it was missing some parts. After our Cavalier 96 restoration, it now has the factory paint scheme and works better than when it left the factory 

Cavalier Coke Machine Restoration


Before                                                   After

Coke96insidebeforeresize.jpg          Coke96insideafterresize.jpg

Inside the Coke Cavalier 96, showing how much rust there was to repair.  And after our full restoration. The Cavalier model 96 is the same basic machine as the Cavalier model 72 with less selections


Coca Cola Cavalier 72 before     Coca Cola Cavalier 72 after

Before                                                      After

Coca Cola Cavalier 72 before     Coca Cola Cavalier 72 after

This is an example of a Cavlier model 72 we fully restored for our customer

We can fully restore your CS-96 or CS-72 starting at est

Or, partially restore your CS-96 or CS-72 starting at est


Here is an example of a 1960's Cavalier 96 Square Corner

Before                                          After

Square corner Cavalier 96 Before     Square corner Cavalier 96 after


Before                                     After

Dent before     Dent after


Before                                                      After

Bottle door area before    Bottle door area after


Before                                                         After

Bottle door area before    Bottle door area after


Before                                       After

Inside before     Inside after



Coca-Cola Slider Restoration


Before                                                   After

Coke Slider 50 Before    Coke Slider 50 After


Top Lid Before

 Coke Slider top lid before

Top Lid After

Coke Slider top lid after


Inside Top Before

Coke Slider inside top before

Inside Top After

Coke Slider inside top after


Before                                                   After

Coke Slider side door before    Coke Slider side door after


 Before                                                   After

Coke Slider before paint    Coke Slider after paint


Installed new cabinet bottom and insulation

Coke Slider after insulation shelf     Coke Slider after insulation


After installing the liner 

Coke Slider liner installed


After installing a NEW compressor

Coke Slider New Compressor


Here is the Fully Restored Coke Glasco Slider

Coke Slider After a Full Restoration

This Glasco Slider model GBV-50 is the same basic machine as an Ideal Slider model 55

We can fully restore your Glasco or Ideal Slider starting at est

Or, partially restore your Glasco or Ideal Slider starting at est



Westinghouse Chest Coke Machine Restoration 



A very rough original Westinghouse WD-20 Coke 4 lid chest box. We added two tone paint for a newer, fresher look



We replaced the two front lids with a counter top. Accessing beverages is now done via the top rear lids. We installed a complete, new refrigeration system, replaced all the gaskets, insulation and applied a two tone paint scheme




Vintage Soda Machines For Sale

All Refurbished Vintage Soda Machine Sales from Grand America Jukebox include:


The restoration process takes at least two months. So, get your order in now and have your freshly restored vintage soda machine




Coca Cola Machines For Sale are:


Vendo 81B Coke Machine       Vendo 39 Coke Machine      VMC 44 Coke Machine      Ideal Slider 55 Coke Machine


Vendo 81 Coke Machine For Sale






Westinghouse WH-12

1956 Vendo 81B Coca Cola machine for sale. This is a great size machine for any home. Not too big and not too small. It was designed to hold 81 bottle of the original 6-1/2 oz bottles up to 12 oz long necks. So, you can store many things inside from bottled soda to beer. You access your choices from the front glass bottle door. The Vendo 81 Coke Machine For Sale we have in stock now, is currently undergoing a full restoration and will be finished in time for the upcoming holidays. We require a 40% deposit to begin work, the remaining 60% is due upon completion. The whole restoration process will take at least 2 months. We do not get the Vendo 81 Coca Cola machines in too often. Do not let it get away







Contact us at 636-928-1010 or e-mail doc2stat@yahoo.com


Coca Cola Ideal Slider Soda Machine For Sale

Restored Coca Cola Slider

New arrival to our shop. This is a Coca Cola Slider type soda machine. It will require a full restoration which means, you get to choose how you want it done! The front panel is completely flat. So, we can make this machine into another flavor if you wish, Pepsi, 7-up, or ?? What ever you want. This restoration will not include any vending mechanism. However, we can add it on if you wish for extra. Most customers choose to have us restore these Slider soda machines without the vending mechansim. This leaves a large open area inside the cooling area so, you can place bottles, cans or even food. This machine will also come with a Brand NEW Cooling System. The machine in the photo above is for reference ONLY, in order to show you what this model machine could look like when done. We require 40% deposit in order to begin the restoration process. The remaining 60% will be due uppon completion. The whole restoration process will take at least 2 months. Please contact us to purchase this machine and get your completely restored Slider soda machine by Summer 2014

Dimensions: 38" tall, 33" wide and 18" deep

Contact us at 636-928-1010 or email doc2stat@yahoo.com


Vendo 39 Coke Machine For Sale


The Vendo 39 Coke machine For Sale will hold 39 bottles total. It offers a single selection and will accept the small 8 oz Coke bottles or 7 oz pony beer bottles. We require a 40% deposit to begin the restoration process. Remaining 60% due upon completion. The full restoration process will take at least two months. Please contact us to purchase this machine and get your fully restored Vendo 39 Coca Cola machine now

Coca Cola Cavalier 72 fully restored     Coca Cola Cavalier 72 fully restored

Here is an example of how the Cavalier 72 will look after one of our full restorations


Contact us at 636-928-1010 or email



VMC 44 Coke Machine For Sale

Coca Cola VMC 27

This machine just arrived in our shop and is actually in pretty nice shape, having been restored back in the 1990's. This VMC 44 Coke Machine For Sale was the narrowest Coca Cola vending soda machine Vendorlator made. The VMC 44 vends 44 of the small 8oz Coke bottles and is very cute. Made in 1956. Please keep in mind, this machine has just arrived and we have not yet performed any work to it. The Fully restored price will include everything. The Partial restoration price will include, cleaning the machine inside and out, buffing the exterior paint, new door gasket, and we will go through the vending mechanism and rewire the compressor as well as install a new power cord

Contact us at 636-928-1010 or email doc2stat@yahoo.com

Updated 6-2-14